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As I'm packing my bags and gearing up for my fourth WELL Summit event (and my second in NYC) I'm noticing all of the new brands and positive changes WELL Summit has introduced to me. There are so many simple swaps, new products, and new routines I've adopted thanks to WELL and their mission of improving our lives through wellness, empowerment, learning, and luxury. WELL Summit has helped me switch over to a ton of clean and non-toxic products while raising my awareness on the health hazards associated with artificial fragrances and ingredients. There are also a few rituals and services I've discovered that have drastically improve my quality of life. Here's a few of those products and services I absolutely can't live without...

Organic Bath Co.: My first introduction to this whole thing was through this little black jar. My sensitive dry skin and eczema patches were pretty much impossible to calm until I discovered Organic Bath Co.'s Drenched Body Butter from Organic Bath Co. and WELL Summit creator Gianne Doherty and as they say, the rest is history. It's by far been the most effective moisturizer I've ever used. We've also switched over to the Naked Organic Body Wash in the shower as well. No harmful skin irritants and completely fragrance free-- we even wash the dog with it!

Piper Wai: I was all about natural deodorants but had a hard time trying one I found effective and liked the scent of until I got a sample of Piper Wai in one of my WELL Insider swag bags. I think it smells great and I find it to be effective with my body chemistry. It can get streaky after a particularly sweaty workout, but I haven't found anything more effective and it doesn't bother me enough to discontinue using it. In fact, I keep a sample size in my car and gym bag at all times!

David's Toothpaste: Another product it was difficult to find a natural alternative to, mostly because my boyfriend has sensitive teeth but we found David's worked as effectively as our old products. The recyclable metal tube is a plus, and it's just fun to use the metal tube key it comes with!

RMS Beauty: RMS is just one of the many natural beauty brands I've discovered through the vendors WELL Summit has hosted. My desert island product is absolutely RMS Beauty's Living Luminizer, while it's $38 for a small pot, a pot lasts me well over 6 months. It adds the perfect amount of highlight when applied to the brow bone and cheekbones. I've also discovered amazing products from VAPOUR, Captain Blankenship, and Jane Iredale.

OY-L: My newest clean beauty discovery! I'm so excited to meet them at WELL Summit in October. I recently took a little spill while hiking and scraped my face and during the healing process (among ointments and antiseptics) I applied their Exfoliating Manuka Mask since it's packed with healing ingredients such as honey, hemp seed oil, lavender oil, rosehip oil, and colloidal oatmeal and am happy with the way it healed. Their Hydrating Facial Mist has also quickly become one of my favorite products to spritz on for a midday pick me up, as well.

Tiny Zen: Another gift in the most recent WELL Insiders swag box, my Tiny Zen Stress Relief Lava Diffuser Bracelet has become something I wear daily. Every so often I lightly scent the lava beads with a few drops of essential oil. A lovely little ritual, plus the grey and white marbled howlite totally matches my aesthetic.

Asha Ramakrishna: I can't even begin to explain the impact this woman has had on me! I call her my spiritual advisor, but Asha has guided me through meditations, is guiding me through understanding my innate human design, and I'm thrilled to be attending her two day retreat this winter. As I grow older and learn to manage life, my business, and my relationships and Asha has been an integral part of encouraging me to get to know myself better and become a better person and communicator.

Branch Basics (not pictured): I've always had sensitive skin and used unscented products but discovering Branch Basics at the most recent Boston WELL Summit event allowed me to eliminate multiple toxic products from our household. We've since almost entirely replaced our glass cleaner, all purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, hand soaps, and laundry detergent with Branch Basics and I'm thrilled because this multipurpose product actually works! I've since purchased other products from them and am looking forward to watching this company grow!

I'm so excited for the next WELL Summit event in Brooklyn (just after my birthday!) October 4-6th, you can save on your ticket with code WSELISSA. The vendors and brands are just a perk compared to all of the information and insights offered form the keynote speakers and presenters throughout the weekend. If you have questions about the WELL Summit, get in touch! It has something to offer everyone!

I was provided complimentary samples of nearly every product featured as a WELL Summit Ambassador, but have since purchased multiple products from most brands and intend to continue purchasing. 

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