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4:28 PM

Appointments, photoshoots, holidays, events; there's so much to keep up with as a freelancer and entrepreneur! When it comes to planners it boils down to one of two styles; paper or digital. While I love the go-everywhere convenience (and legibility) of digital, I love the satisfaction of physically crossing something off my to do list so I rely heavily on my paper planner from Purple Trail to keep organized and get things done.

The ability to customize their planners and products is what sold me on Purple Trails planners-- my cover is customized with my business name and website and I added pages for passwords and log ins to help manage accounts. It has plenty of space to keep track of both my daily schedule, as well as my daily posting schedule for clients. I keep track of everything in there, even my hours, invoicing, and mileage!

I start every week sitting down with my planner and looking at the week at a glance to see what I need to prioritize and then each day make my list of "must do's." With freelancing in social media there are a lot of moving parts and I'm not sure how I would manage it all without my planner.

In addition to my planner, I rely on a few other tricks to maintain productivity. When working from home I aim to take 15 minute breaks every hour. This keeps me from getting too distracted with tasks at home while still ensuring that the laundry gets done and dinner is prepped. I also try to take care of any email or task that will take three minutes or less. By immediately taking action on smaller tasks, it prevents my inbox from getting filled with small, mindless tasks.

Speaking of email, my biggest tool for keeping organized? Google's Gmail "Snooze" button. It's a game changer for those in PR or communications, giving you the ability to push emails back to the top of your inbox at a specific date and time. This function makes following up on emails and deadlines so much easier-- it's saved me from missing some important deadlines and contacts.

This post was created in partnership with Purple Trail. I was provided a complimentary planner for review and promotional purposes. Thanks for supporting those who support! 

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