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Great denim is hard to find! I worked for a few years at a denim store and learned so much about fit and quality in my time there. Back then, I lived in denim and was one of our top sales associates, always striving to get people in the perfect fit. When I left the company I was no longer enjoying my hefty discount and began the search for affordable, high quality denim and that's when I discovered Mott & Bow.

Dedicated to using the highest quality denim at the best price, Mott & Bow controls the entire manufacturing process and even work their finishings and details by hand, ensuring each pair is unique. They are the real deal and I absolutely love the fit and styles they offer. I own two pairs; their Jane High Rise Skinny Dark Denim and Bond Black Denim with Knee Slits and while both are different types of denim, both have the same flattering fit and quality.

The Jane High Rise Skinny Dark Denim is a stretch denim with a deep indigo hue. Depending on how you like your fit, you can size down in this ultra comfortable stretch denim. Mott & Bow knows buying denim online is tricky and so their try-on program is a great way to get to know their product line. Buy a pair of jeans and get a second size to try, return whichever doesn't fit with the prepaid label, and call it done!

My all time favorite pair of denim from Mott & Bow is hands down their Bond Black Denim. I opted for the version with the knee slits and I love how chic they look! The fabric in this pair is less forgiving, although still has a good amount of stretch. I tend to size up in this fit but thanks to their try-on program it couldn't be easier to get the right size without the hassle of multiple orders and shipping costs.

How many pairs of denim is too many pairs? Cause I'm a little bit obsessed with the fit and fabrics that Mott & Bow produces. Full disclosure, Mott & Bow generously gifted me with these jeans but I truly stand by the quality of their product.

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