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It's not often a website gets integrated into my daily life overnight, but from the get-go I knew Stylitics was going to be an essential tool. is a virtual closet that provides statistics about your closet and allows you to track and plan your wardrobe more efficiently. You start by uploading your closet, and if you're anything like me, it's probably overflowing. After cleaning out my closet and rifling through my various secret storage spots I donated a whopping two large bags of clothing and shoes to a local shelter and rehab program.

Once my closet was eliminated of the clutter and the too-trendy-impulse purchases, all it took was one slow day in the office, some quality time on Google images, and a little patience. I was able to get the majority of my closet (basics and favorites) uploaded in a day and from there I continue to photograph or Google search for images of items I have yet to upload.

Stylitics not only shows you what's in your closet, but the last time you wore it, with what, cost per wear, how often you wear it, and allows you to add notes and tags for each item. The dashboard is one of my favorite features of the site. It offers and overview of what's trending that week or weekend among other users, and provides a summary of your closet. I was somewhat shocked that over the years I have amassed over 315 items (and I've yet to upload everything!), from 82 brands, at a cost of over $15,500.

While your closet, statistics, and outfits are private, your Style Profile is a public page hilighting your style and inspirations. Currently, there is little interaction between users beyond following their Style Profile, but that is just another one of the areas I look forward to seeing Stylitics develop.

To garner their community and audience Stylitics has a blog where they host regular giveaways, contests, and feature a different Style Profile every week. Since I started using I've been lucky enough to be named as a featured profile as well as the winner one of their contests. It was a true honor to be selected for both, and winning the contest to help style a hard-to-style peice, was a godsend!

Recently, Stylitics released their mobile app. While extremely simple, it's gets the job I want done. It's become my go-to shopping partner. When I'm eyeing that fantastic green dress at the shops I can pull up my closet, see what I currently own that will compliment it, and determine wether to pass or buy based on how well it goes with what I currently own. In the end, I passed up the green dress because I didn't have shoes that would compliment it.

I'm really looking forward to growing with Stylitics; as an early-adopter and dedicated user (I'm a level 40 user!) Check out and keep logging in, Closet 2.0 is debuting on October 16th! I can't wait to see what features have been added and get to styling some seriously great outfits! 

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