Here to Stay: Stylitics Closet 2.0

10:17 AM just revealed the newest version of their online organization platform, Closet 2.0. It's sort of like my best friend got a makeover. You can now sort your closet in a variety of ways, view more outfit details on your calendar, and best of all, outfit collages! Not only can you track what you've already worn but you can now add outfits whenever inspiration strikes and save them to wear later. 

The updated interface is modern and streamlined and allows you to collapse and expand the "shelves" of your closet. This is really helpful when you're brainstorming or checking in outfits and saves your from scrolling wildly all over. The new navigation makes it easier to search for items too. You can now jump to a specific "shelf," and arrange items by color, brand, who you were with, etc. 

My favorite new feature (and probably one of the most requested and anticipated) is the ability to create outfit collages! It's really easy to create a new look, just load up an outfit and arrange to your hearts desire. You can't resize items (yet) but you can move and overlap them in a way that works for you and is also visually appealing. 

Individual item pages and statistics were also revamped. You can now view a bar graph indicating how often you wore the product over the course of the year, and you can see all of your notes and tags while still viewing essential information like cost per wear and number of times worn. You can also view the history of each item (outfits you've worn it with sorted by date) as well as any planned outfits or collages you've included it in. 

Styltitics' Closet 2.0 has the features you've been missing most without deviating from its mission or aesthetic. It makes everyday use of the site easier and more pleasant to view. Keep coming back for more, Stylitics will be launching a new feature allowing you to shop your favorite closets and you can be sure I'll be writing about it!

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