Movie Review: In Vogue: The Editor's Eye

4:05 PM

On the heels of the magazine's 120th anniversary, HBO premiered its newest documentary offering In Vogue: The Editor's Eye on December 6th. The documentary looks back at the magazine's most memorable photo shoots, as well as the evolution of Vogue's editorials as seen through the eyes of those that helped shaped the influential publication. Since it was also co-Directed by Emerson alumnus Randy Barbato, Class of 1982, this documentary a must-see for me. 

A note to Anna worshipers--this documentary isn't heavily laced with appearances from Anna, but rather focuses on the less-notorious editors of the past and present. I think that's what sets this documentary apart from any other Vogue documentary. Unlike the typical behind-the-scenes look at the chaos of photo shoots or putting together a magazine, In Vogue recounts the stories and memories through its editors in just 61 minutes.

From Grace Coddington to Anna Wintour each of the Vogue editors have countless entertaining and funny stories to tell. An editors job is unlike any other and In Vogue showcases that side of the job as well as the creative challenges that continually push them to find innovative solutions; "Can we put this dress on back to front?" 

From 1947-1972 editor Babs Simpson (below) was at the helm of the magazine. After watching In Vogue, I think Babs is my new favorite Vogue editor. Almost 100 years old, Babs is still full of life and extremely witty. In my favorite scene fro the film Babs is handed a photo of Lady Gaga from the March 2011 issue of Vogue. Without hesitation she exclaims "It looks so ugly... Is it a boy or a girl? Well, I don't think its sexy at all!"

It's these unique stories and the talented editors that tell them that make this documentary well worth watching. Any aspiring fashion journalist, photographer, editor, blogger, or stylist will love this documentary. To quote the documentary, "It makes you dream."

In Vogue: The Editor's Eye is available on HBOGo and HBO On Demand until January 6th. It will also air on HBO today at 3:15PM and again on December 28th at 2:30PM.

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