Pro-Tip Tuesday: Repair Broken Makeup!

9:38 PM

How many times have you dropped your favorite powder blush or eye shadow on the floor, praying on the way down that it doesn't shatter into a million pieces? If you're like me, too many times. Just last week I dropped my favorite NARS blush in Deep Throat on the bathroom floor and of course it broke into tiny pieces. I bet you didn't know you can put those tiny pieces back together and salvage them without having to replace them. All you need is an empty spray bottle and some isopropyl alcohol.

Fill the spray bottle about 1/3 of the way with alcohol and pump it a few times to get the alcohol to dispense. On a flat surface, corral the broken pieces into one corner of its original container, or if its a fairly full product, spread it evenly across the bottom of its container. Spray lightly with the alcohol and you will notice the product begin to dissolve. Let dissolve a bit and continue spraying with alcohol until all pieces are wet, but not soaked. Using your finger or a tiny spatula, smooth out the wet product. 

Let dry completely, about 24 hours, before you use it again. Voila! Almost good as new! This trick has been saving my favorite products for years. Hope it saves some of yours!

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