I'm Tattooed.

10:49 AM

At first glace, you wouldn't think I'm the type of girl to get tattooed. In fact, I never thought I would be. Somewhere along the way in high school I developed an obsession with the arts. Photography, music, art; I couldn't consume enough. And then I stumbled upon Man Ray's Le Violon D' Ingres. Something about it spoke to me. It stayed with me and after digging into the story behind it, touched me even more. After weighing the options for over five years I took the plunge and got tattooed on February 29th 2008.

Photo by: Deborah Morgan, 2008

I have experienced my fair share of struggle so for me, this tattoo has come to symbolize my ability to put my past behind me while paying homage to the ways art, music, and photography has shaped my life. Do you have any tattoos? Are they just things you like or do they have a deeper meaning?

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