Pro-Tip Tuesday: Wear a Slip

7:01 PM

It sounds old fashioned, but wearing a slip is the best way to prevent you from looking like a sloppy, unsightly mess. 

Take this sweater dress my mom bought for me while I was back home; super cute, love the colors, but oh-so-sheer! Enter: the slip. 

I spent most of the afternoon scouring lingerie and department stores for a slip and would you believe that none of them had any? Not Dillard's, Macy's, JC Penney, Victoria's Secret, Soma, etc., had what I was looking for, but good ol' Target did! And at $8.99 each I bought a black one and a nude one. 

Full slips look like a thin dress, and half slips are skirt style and come in a variety of lengths. Both are really useful to have on hand. I'm wearing a half slip here. See the difference? 

If you still aren't convinced: Rookie Mag Literally the best thing ever: Slips, Refinery29 Retro but Really Useful:The Case for Bringing Back the SlipWill you consider wearing a slip?

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