Pro-Tip Tuesday: Spray It On Me.

11:12 AM

It's no secret that Lush's Tea Tree Water is one of my favorite products of all time. Effective and inexpensive this product keeps my skin fresh and clean. 

This product also happens to be my secret weapon for getting up on difficult days or getting motivated to get stuff done. How? 

I keep a mini bottle in the fridge. In the summer it's a treat to spritz my face after coming in from a hot day but in the winter nothing wakes me up on cold, dark mornings like a cool spritz to the face! After hot yoga or an afternoon nap, or before tackling a busy afternoon the light scent of tea tree water, grapefruit, and juniper get my senses going and my mind flowing. 

Try it out next time you're struggling to peel yourself out of bed or are struggling to keep your eyes open studying for an exam. You'll find yourself reaching for that bottle more often than you think! 

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