Pro-Tip Tuesday: Viggle

10:23 AM

You may have noticed I have an addiction to Sephora and all things lip gloss and eye liner, but you may not be familiar with my favorite way to fund that addiction: Viggle!

Viggle is an iPhone and Android app that tracks what you watch on TV and rewards you with points for each check-in. You earn one point for every minute you are checked-in to a show, and rewards start at just 4,000 points. It doesn't seem like much but it really adds up. 

I watch TV all day long; CNBC is on at my office all day and when I get home I tend to keep the TV or Netflix running in the background. If I checked-n religiously at work I could earn nearly 500 points a day. I never remember to check-in when the shows change, so I average about 20,000 (or one $10 Sephora gift card) every other month. 

The rewards rotate, but $10 Sephora, Old Navy, and Gap cards are pretty frequent featured rewards. It's a nice little bonus for doing almost nothing. If makeup is not your thing there are Apple, Starbucks, Chili's, or Best Buy gift cards ranging in value from $5-$15 at about 12,000-30,000 points each. For 20,000 you can also earn a free beauty treatment at participating spas and salons. The treatments are mostly hair conditioning treatments in the Back Bay but some suburban salons offer free hair cuts! 

Checking-in is easy, you tap on the main screen and the app scans the audio looking for a match and when it does you simply confirm the check-in. If you can't find the right match you can type in what are you watching and if it's currently on the air you will be rewarded with the points (you can only check-in to shows on air, or within 24 hours of it's airtime via DVR onDemand. You get bonus points for promoted shows, and they have bonus point events pretty regularly. 

Over the last 6 months I've earned three $10 Sephora gift cards and I'm 6,000 points away from my fourth. Give the Viggle app a spin, you have nothing to lose and $10 gift cards to gain! 

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