Pure Barre Boston

1:00 PM

It seems everyone I encounter lately is talking about barre classes. Before I attended a barre class at Pure Barre Boston, I had no idea what to expect from this ballet/yoga/cardio hybrid. 

The Pure Barre Boston studio is located on Newbury Street between Converse and Starbucks, right around the corner from the Hynes Convention Center T station. A super convenient location for commuters and those working in or around the Bay Bay. 

A slim stairway leads you upstairs into the store front which sells a variety of workout gear from tanks and leggings to socks and hair ties-- just in case you forget yours! 

The staff was fantastic; Fiona led our class and she was a great instructor. The workout is fluid and flowing, without being repetitive. Boston studio owner, Lauren, was on hand as well to correct our form and help us get the most from our class. Energetic and helpful neither Lauren or Fiona ever made me feel foolish when my legs eventually turned to jello from the leg portion of the barre routine!

And boy did they ever! Even fitness junkies will feel their legs quiver and shake at various points during the workout. You're provided with a small ball, resistance band, 2 small dumbbells, and later a squishy, foamy, yoga-like mat for floor work. Some moments were relaxed and focused, others were intense and really encourage you to push yourself. 

Fiona was an excellent motivator-- some of us (a.k.a. me) were really struggling to hold or keep up with quick reps and she made sure we all made it over the finish line, so to speak.

Love Jess (Little Miss Runshine) smiling in the back of this pic! 

I like yoga, so the flowing, stretching, and tucking was familiar, but it was definitely a more intense workout than I anticipated. It's different, fun, and most of all effective. I was sore for days after the class! I felt it in my abs as I sat up in bed, in my arms, and inner thighs the most. 

I'm no fitness junkie, and getting to yoga twice a month is an accomplishment for me, so Pure Barre isn't really my style. If you have a fitness goal, are looking to keep a resolution, or are tired of the standard gym classes, Pure Barre is absolutely worth a try! Students get 25% off all regular priced packages! 

This class was complimentary and organized by Pure Barre Boston and Blog & Tweet Boston.

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