Jason Wu at the ICA

11:34 PM

The last time I ventured out to the Institute of Contemporary Art I was still in college and I was determined to see the Shepard Fairey exhibit. This time around was a much more glamorous occasion; seeing Jason Wu himself speak about fashion, design, and inspiration. I met up with Noelle of Rue Le Chat and Elizabeth of Seagrass Studio for a drink at Sam's at Louis Boston and after snapping a few photos we headed out to the ICA for the lecture. 

It was phenomenal! Jason Wu is so personable, funny, and genuine. It was a short lecture, but I really loved it. A few of my favorite quotes...

"Drawing is my language, drawing is how I speak."

"That's a Jason woman though; she doesn't want to talk to you. She's a little bitchy."

"The most important thing as a designer is to have a point of view."

"It's not enough to just make beautiful clothes."

"As designers we have to react to everything that's going on in the world because that's what makes our work relevant."

"I love a dress you can't wear anywhere. I love a dress that's impractical."

"I love when people leave negative [instagram] comments. Do you think I don't read that? Block!"

"If you don't have a fantasy then fashion is boring." 

"So many times we are held back or limited by ourselves. "Oh that's not possible," and I think anything is possible and I'm perhaps an example of that because I never thought dressing the First Lady was possible. That's the important part; take every opportunity you can, immerse yourself into the industry any way you know how."

Literally ran after this man to get a photo of this Wu dress on its way to Louis Boston. So glad I did, I love this shot!
Seriously inspiring. After the lecture Noelle and Elizabeth and I went to dinner with Jamie of La Vie Jamie and Smita of Hogger & Co. We went to Rosa Mexicano and has a few drinks and a delicious dinner.

Tortilla Soup and Flautas!

Typical blogger babe dinner. Don't mind us! Just instagramming/tweeting/sharing!

I have met so many fabulous people through this blog and it's so fantastic when we all hit it off! The energy and exchange of inspiration is amazing! We chatted about everything from blogging, to Instagram, to who inspires us. It was a fantastic dinner! Thanks again ladies for the fantastic company!

I'll be posting what I wore to the event later in the week, I think you're going to love it! Hint: it involves tulle! 

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