Weekly Recap!

12:30 PM

What a week! I think I've gone through about 9,837,483 job descriptions and applied for at least half a dozen jobs. It's a start, right? With No Money April in full-swing I splurged a little for Post-Wu drinks this week, but that was definitely a special occasion. 

This week on Style-Wire
A Glimpse of Glamour, Gust-o, and Stella & Dot
April: No Jokes & No Money
Pro-Tip Tuesday: Top Savings Tips & Tricks
What I Wore: Cozy in 3.1 Phillip Lim

...And coming up next Week on Style-Wire

Jason Wu at the ICA
What I Wore: Goodwill Remix
Snapshot: Vested

Not much of a weekend ahead for me, I'll be toiling away at my retail job but so it goes. Enjoy the weekend for me! 

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