Pro-Tip Tuesday: Cool Ideas

1:14 PM

It's hot. Like, really hot. After spending yesterday (which wasn't even the hottest day) on the beach my man is a little sunburned and I'm slightly toasted. Even little Evie, my chihuahua got a little pink on her head! These tricks kept us cool all day yesterday...

Keep Your Cool

Staying hydrated is important, but you already know that. Drinking hot water when it is hot however, is gross. I keep my water cooler longer by placing a few unfrozen popsicles like these into my water bottle and freezing it empty. Fill it with cold water and toss it in the cooler or your bag and you're good to go!

Take a Dip

Even if you don't love swimming, take a dip every hour or so to cool your body and soothe your skin. Plus, hello, beach hair. Just make sure to reapply sunscreen! 

Seek Out Shade
As much fun as it is to lay in the sun at some point, you need to get into the shade for a bit. We didn't think to bring an umbrella so I made Evie a little tent from July's Vogue.

We had such a fab day yesterday, I can't wait to share it with you! Until then, how are you keeping cool?

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