Pro-Tip Tuesday: New Place, New Space

12:19 PM

Since my new place is a bit larger than my old place, I'm going to be needing to fill in some of those gaps. Namely storage, seating, and a desk. I've rounded up some of my favorite spots for shopping for all those odds and ends that make a house a home...

Image via InStyle February, 2008

Dollar Stores: I love the look of these mirrors (pictured above), which I first saw on Pinterest and while Target has them for $15 and Ikea (unframed) for $10, Family Dollar has them (framed) for $6 each. Score! 

Hardware Stores: I love stopping into Economy Hardware and local hardware stores. On a recent trip to Harvard Square's Dickson Brothers True Value I found the small olive oil dispensers I had been hoping to find for a few bucks each. They also had many sizes of loose binder rings which are great for organizing scarves and the like. At my old retail job we used to hang denim on them from the belt loops, it looks cute hanging across the wall.

Marshall's/TJ Maxx/Home Goods: I loveTJX stores! In addition to the discounted designer bags and shoes they're known for, their selection of housewares and pet goods is fantastic. Great for picking up a new set of towels or quality cookware at a discount. My stainless steel Emeril pan has been top notch! 

Goodwill: Great Goodwill finds for my apartment include silver serving trays, vintage paintings, old records, and glassware, especially old Pyrex mixing bowls and measuring cups. Pyrex has a new formula that is different (and from what I have heard more prone to breaking) than the formula they used years ago. 

Do you frequent any of these spots when looking to spruce up your space? I'm sure many of you stop at Marshall's already. Where do you like to purchase housewares and furniture?

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