Back to School Essentials!

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Back to school shopping used to be my favorite ever. What is it about new pencils and crisp notebooks that gets me every time? I've rounded up a few of my favorite Back to School essentials for both the digital junkie and traditional paper lover just in time to stock up after the long weekend... 

 Digital: Logitech Wireless Mouse // iPad Stylus // Sunrise App // Brenthaven BX2 Camera Case // Notability App // Mailbox App
Paper: Post-It Cube // Moleskine Large Yellow Notebook // Rifle Paper Co. Do or Die Notepad // Precise V Pens // Stephanie Johnson Pencil Case

Digital: Ever since I picked up a Logitech wireless keyboard I've been wanting a wireless mouse. This one from Logitech comes in a bunch of fun colors that will spice up any boring tasks you may be tackling.

Take notes in class with a stylus and note taking app like Notability. Draw diagrams, take notes in the margin, and highlight key passages without worrying about losing or misplacing your notes again.

Other apps I can't live without include Sunrise and Mailbox. I would lose my sanity if it weren't for Sunrise's unique calendar and being able to snooze my emails with Mailbox.

A big part of what I do involves taking and editing photos, so this year this Brenthaven BX2 camera case was a must-have. It has multiple pockets, holds all my remotes and batteries and is super durable. I never worry about my camera when it's in this thing!

Paper: A big cube of Post-Its are my number one desk essential. I like to mark up books and contracts without marking up the original document and Post-its are perfect for that.

Moleskine notebooks are a classic. I use one to keep all my work projects and notes in one place and the bright yellow color keeps things from getting boring.

A fun to-do list like this one from Rifle Paper Company is essential for me. There is something so satisfying about physically crossing things off a to-do list and the Do or Die notepad gives me the ultimate satisfaction. 

Precise V pens are my all time favorite. Super fine point, rich ink, and they last forever. I could really use a new pack!

Keep your pens and Post-its together with this adorable pencil case from Stephanie Johnson. Easily up for double-duty as a makeup bag or small clutch, you're sure to take it everywhere with you.

So tell me, are  you a digital or a paper kind of gal?

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