Pro-Tip Tuesday: Caring for Hosiery

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How many of you pulled out a pair of tights this week when the temperature dropped? I know I did. Tights and pantyhose are one of the easiest ways to transition your wardrobe into Fall but also one of the biggest headaches; pulls, runs, snags, even getting them on can be a royal pain. Here are a few ways to extend the life of your tights and pantyhose and details on how to properly wash them...

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Prepare Yourself. If you know you're going to be wearing hosiery make it a point to exfoliate in the shower. Dry heels and flaky skin in the winter can easily snag delicate patterned tights. Make sure nails are smooth and free of tears or rough edges that could tear or catch your tights. When getting dressed, apply body lotion to your legs, feet, and hands before putting on any hosiery to make skin as smooth and silky as possible, and remove any rings or jewelry you may be wearing. 

Go the Extra Mile. Take time and care when putting on tights and hosiery, don't rush. Carefully scrunch up one leg of your tights and pull them over your toes and up your leg adjusting/carefully twisting when necessary. When you're out and about be cognizant of what you're sitting on and avoid rubbing your legs against anything. Be extra careful around children and pets. 

Hand Wash. After each wear I spritz my tights with Downy Wrinkle Releaser & Fabric Refresher and hang them in the shower for a few hours before putting them back into the special box of tights I keep in my closet. Every couple of wears I hand wash them in the sink with a few drops of Woolite. I swish them around and gently squeeze them in warm water for maybe 15 seconds and then carefully rinse them with cool water. Squeeze gently or roll up into a towel and squeeze to remove excess water, hang or lay flat to dry.

Handle With Care. My really expensive, super fancy Agent Provocateur hold ups live in a ziploc baggie in my special hosiery box, and are carefully rinsed (not washed, just rinsed) and hung after each use. I have worn them only a handful of times in the years I have had them, but they are just that special. And they are pristine, and completely free of snags and runs.

And that's it. It's pretty simple stuff that easily gets overlooked. Do you have any special pairs of hosiery? Or do you prefer to buy a few pairs of throw away tights each season? I definitely do a mix of the both, I swear by the George brand opaque tights from the girls department at Wal-Mart and I'm loving the herringbone ones I just picked up at Loft. 

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