What I Wore: Pattern Overload

7:49 PM

Sometimes when I walk out the door I have to ask myself, "Are you crazy, girl?" There are days when my outfit really makes no sense but when I am running late because I'm trying on top after top after top I eventually have to throw in the towel and leave the house in whatever I'm wearing.

When that happened last week it resulted in a pretty happy accident involving this faux peplum. And although this look really isn't for everyone (I got a few "interesting choice" comments at work) I felt absolutely great in it! 

 Talbots Tank (similar) // Loft Pencil Skirt // Old Navy Belt (it came with a dress actually...similar) // Talbots Slingbacks (similar) // Alex & Ani Bangles // Talbots Stud Earrings (similar)

The skirt was featured in my last What I Wore post and clearly, it has been getting a lot of wear. I bought it because I thought the pattern would be the perfect proportion and color for pattern mixing and it certainly has been! Even better it's been marked down and as of today, is an extra 40% off.

You may have noticed I'm wearing a lot of Talbots in this outfit; it's because I used to work there. My favorite challenge was taking their pieces (for a totally different target market) and making them my own, and as a result I have quite a few pieces from there (mostly shoes, all of which I love). This print screams old lady curtains but something about it was calling my name. Do you ever challenge yourself or your style? I think this outfit certainly does!

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