Another Look at Gemvara

1:10 PM

Several weeks ago I was killing time at Marshall's in Downtown Crossing before a Boston Fashion Week show when I realized I had lost one of my favorite earrings. I frantically looked around the fitting room, hoping it was caught on the dress I tried on but it wasn't; I even called the restaurant I ate lunch at but it was not there either. It was officially gone.

Enter Gemvara's fantastic customer care team. (I first talked about Gemvara here) I reached out to them thinking they would hook me up with their latest discount code to order another pair, but they went above and beyond. They took over the situation and they sent me a new pair in a little over a week. They arrived at my door just as they had before in a gorgeous box with a certificate of authenticity and a very sweet note! 

I was blown away by their amazing customer service. Never before has a company been so accommodating or easy to get in touch with. I'm ecstatic to have been reunited with my favorite earrings and am already shopping around their site for my next Gemvara piece...

Don't you want to shout it from the rooftops when you receive fantastic customer service? You can check out Gemvara's most recent collections, including their gorgeous Modern Vintage collection here and soon you will be able to shop their collections at a brand new showroom here in Boston. Stay tuned!

This post was not sponsored by Gemvara. 

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