Pro-Tip Tuesday: Maximum Comfort

10:55 AM

As gorgeous as my new taxi flats are, they still hurt my feet. After breaking them in though, I do anticipate them being some of the most comfortable flats in my closet. Until then, there are a a few products I use to make my shoes as comfortable as possible...

Kate Spade Taxi Flats

If a shoe is a little too loose, I like to add a small pad to the ball of the foot (pictured at top). Nothing is worse than shoes which don't fit well and this problem is an easy fix. They're also great for shoes with thin soles, the little bit of extra cushion makes all the difference.

Sometimes my heels will slip and I like to add rubber no-slip grips to the back of my high heeled shoes (pictured top right). They are also available in satin fabrics as well (pictured as well, in pink leopard above) which I like to use for flats to add a little cushion to the backs. The back of the heel is almost always the culprit of uncomfortable flats.

More often than not a great pair of flats will hit right on the bone of my foot, these small black pads are perfect to keep that spot comfortable and prevent blistering. Moleskin is also a great solution to this problem, but my all time favorite is Band-Aid Blister Block Friction Stick (not pictured). I just swipe it over my heels and any areas where my shoe is likely to rub and it acts as an invisible barrier against blistering. I keep a stick in my purse at all times. 

For extra comfort you can add extra insoles like these clear ones pictured from Dr. Scholl's for Her. They're great for open toed shoes and wedges since they are practically invisible. I also really like Dr. Scholl's Air Pillo and Double Air Pillo inserts for closed toe heels which you can cut to fit the size or shape of your shoe. I have yet to find a great ball-of-foot insert for those killer single-soled high heels...

Versions of all of these products are available at CVS and grocery stores. Next time you pick up a new pair of shoes, stop by and peruse the foot care aisle and try one of these products. It will make a world of difference! 

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