Pro-Tip Tuesday: My Cast of Hairspray

1:40 PM

Over the years I've tried countless beauty products and continued to experiment with new brands but when it comes to my hair, I stick with what works and never turn back. I've got three all-star hairsprays in my lineup, and each serve a very specific purpose...

For messy top knots and firm but flexible hold...

I love Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Invisible hairspray. I received a sample in a swag bag a while ago and I loved it because it smelled really good and held my hair in place without looking like I was wearing any hairspray. It keeps my baby hairs in place when I toss it up in a top knot and keeps teased hair and pomps smooth.

For perfect, beachy, mermaid-like waves....

I swear by Not Your Mother's Beach Babe. Nothing leaves my waves more defined and soft. So many of these sea sprays make my hair feel weighed down and crunchy, but not this one. It also holds the style all day long. Summer may be over but my beach waves will continue into the winter!

 For the ultimate in holding power...

Nothing works better than cult classic Aqua Net. The unscented is my favorite scent oddly enough, and this stuff packs some serious holding power while minimizing frizz. I swear by this stuff when sporting sleek pony tails or elegant updos.

So there you have it, my three go-to hair sprays. What are your favorite hairsprays? Anything I need to break out of my rut and try? 

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