The Awkward Gift Guide: Your Favorite Drunk

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Whether it's your Auntie B in the kitchen sneaking a little more gin into her glass or your sloppy best friend from college, we all know a lush or two. The Awkward Gift Guide has the perfect gifts for that special someone for whom the party just doesn't end! Bonus gifting ideas are marked in bold!

Whiskey Stones ($20) & Wine Pearls ($24.99): Do you like your wine and spirits ice cold without the ice diluting your fun? Keep these Whiskey Stones and Wine Pearls in the freezer and you'll never have to worry about watery whiskey or wine again. Wine Pearls also make a great hostess gift!

Himilayan Salt Tequila Glasses ($30-45): Like a great bottle of tequila, these shot glasses won't last forever but they sure are fun! Made from pure pink Himilayan salt you don't have to salt up and lick your hand anymore, these glasses give a salty twinge on their own. These shot glasses also make a great grad or 21st birthday gift, too.

Keychain Breathalyzer ($27): This key chain is perfect for boozehounds on the go. You know, the ones who are always checking into bars on FourSquare? Now they can also include their BAC in their check-ins with this handy keychain breathalyzer!

Hide-A-Beer Can Sleeve ($7.49 for 3): 11 A.M. may be an inappropriate time for a beer but it's the right time for a Coca-Cola! Or at least that's what everyone else will think you are drinking with this handy Hide-A-Beer sleeve. The Hide-A-Beer sleeve would be a much appreciated gift for sports fans who like to tailgate!

Dominos Gift Card: Because drunk people like to eat and Domino's has that revolutionary pizza tracker that tells you who put your pizza in the oven when, a Domino's gift card is the ultimate drunk person gift! What's better than delivery on someone else's dime? Dining and grocery gift cards are the holy grail of gift cards, especially among broke millennials!

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max ($13): For the sophisticated drunk who likes to read or just has a lot of time on their hands, this debaucherous book may inspire more wild shenanigans. Gift with care. Men love this book, feel free to gift it to your boyfriend, college aged brother, etc.

Death's Door Spirits ($29.99-49.99): And last but not least, what's appreciated more than a nice bottle of gin, vodka, or whiskey? This brand not only has a cool name, but cool packaging as well. Booze is appreciated among all gift recipients aged 21 and up and makes an easy last minute gift!

Which do you think drunk Auntie B would love to receive most?

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