The Awkward Gift Guide: Your New Man Friend

12:54 PM

So you've been on a few dates, it's off to a good start and Christmas is just a couple of weeks away. Enter the Awkward Gift Guide; the perfect selection of gifts for those awkward relationships in life. Every week until Christmas Eve I'll be sharing the perfect gifts for the boss you hate, your favorite drunk relative, and your overachieving sibling. Bonus gift ideas are marked in bold. Today we tackle the new man friend! 

Yankee Candle Mmmm, Bacon! Candle ($28): So maybe his apartment kind of smells like trash, but he's a really great guy. Gift him this odd (but effective) candle in a non-traditional, mouthwatering scent no man can resist. He won't feel lame lighting it up, and his place will smell like bacon. While you're at Yankee Candle you can also pick up traditional scents to add to your mom and BFF's gifts.

Movie Theater Gift Cards: What guy doesn't love a trip to the movies? Treat him to his next action flick with a gift card to the local movie theater. If he uses it to pay for your next date however, you may want to reevaluate the relationship. Movie gift cards also make great gifts for teens, especially if you load it up with enough cash for a trip to the concession stand. 

Need Supply Co. iPhone Alarm Dock ($38): This wood iPhone dock is perfect for the guy who uses his iPhone as his alarm clock (hello, who doesn't). Just run your charger through the hole in the back and it's perfectly positioned for him to repeatedly smack "snooze" in the morning. 

Crooks & Castles Knit Hat ($24): If it's super early in the relationship, play it safe with this cozy knit hat for just $16. You don't want to spend a lot, but you're still making a nice gesture. This knit hat would also be the perfect gift for your balding older brother or other relative. 

Jack Black All-Over Wash ($15): The pretty boy will appreciate the effortlessly cool packaging and brand, and tough guys won't be intimidated by a fancy bath product. Step in shower, wash all over, smell good. Jack Black gift sets are perfect for Dad, and since the line is available at Sephora you can grab your little sister some Stila lip glosses while you're there. 

Sam Adams Seasonal 12 Pack: Seasonal 12 packs of craft beer are not only trendy, but is another perfect gift for the early relationship stages. Been dating for a while? Pair it with a pair of tickets to see his favorite sports team. 

Gorham 5 oz. Drum Flask (similar $20) This stainless steel flask is a fun and functional gift. Pair it with a nice bottle if he's been nice this year. Flasks also make great gifts for recent grads, and anyone in their early 20s basically.

Which will you be gifting to your new man friend?

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