Awkward Gift Guide: The Guy Who Refuses to Grow Up

9:08 AM

Whether he's your brother, dad, or boyfriend, we all know that one guy who just can't seem to grow up. He owns one of those tuxedo-printed tee shirts, frequently cracks inappropriate jokes, and doesn't wake up until well after noon on the weekends. You can't change him, but you may be able to shape him up a bit with these sharp gifts for men in this edition of the Awkward Gift Guide!

(Bonus gift ideas are in bold!)

Vans Suede Slip-on Sneaker ($70): A nod to the classic sneaker he loves so much, but in a grown-up navy suede (also available in grey). You might have to remind him some shoes can't be worn in the rain and should be left at home during bar crawls.

Kiehl's Ultimate Man Body Scub & Facial Fuel Moisturizer ($31 for gift set): He may not be one for skin care but these Kiehl's for Men products have no frills and no girlie scents. The Facial Fuel line is specially formulated for a closer, more comfortable shave-- when he actually decides to shave, that is. 

Lucky Brand Collectibles Messenger Bag ($149): If he's anything like my guy, he's probably still carrying around the same back pack from high school. Upgrade him to this durable leather bottom and canvas messenger, and maybe grab him a new pair of dark denim jeans while you're at Lucky Brand.

Fossil Jasper Reversible Belt ($45): He probably doesn't own both brown and black dress shoes, but no matter what color his dress shoes he'll always have the right belt with this reversible black/brown leather belt from Fossil. 

Owl's Brew Coco-Lada ($18): This unique tea brewed for cocktails makes a fun stocking stuffer for the guy who loves to imbibe. Just add to beer or cocktails for a different take on his favorite drink. These flavored teas from Vermont make a great hostess gift! Place a trio in a basket to upgrade from the classic bottle of wine.

Wurkin Silicon Travel Bag ($50): Durable, easy to clean, and easy to toss in any gym or travel bag this silicon dopp bag is perfect for the guy on the go. Feeling really generous? Fill it with some of the products suggested above!

Beer Foamer ($30): Any beer or craft beer enthusiast will love this little trinket; a battery operated beer foamer to help release the rich flavors and aromas of a fine draft beer. He'll be impressed you're taking an interest in beer, and you'll enjoy a more flavorful beer. Have friends who are beer enthusiasts? Gift this with a set of beer glasses for the perfect holiday gift.

Sherpa Lined Cotton Bomber ($75): A steal at under $100, this cozy GAP sherpa lined jacket is a definite upgrade over his dingy college hoodie. Paired with a new pair of jeans and those Vans slip ons, and he's holiday ready in a flash. There may be some separation anxiety between him and the college hoodie: gifter beware.

Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder ($110): Cause let's face it, you're probably going to catch him in the backyard smoking pot. A aluminum grinder like this keeps his habit slightly more discreet than his usual plastic baggie. 

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