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Move over Zumba, it's all about BollyX! BollyX is a new Bollywood inspired dance fitness class and as I found out when I attended class last month, is a whole lot of fun! Nearly 50 of us packed the room for a pretty intense cardio workout lead by Fen, with a couple of other BollyX instructors joining us for class as well.

We started with a warm up to some Bollywood inspired music and continued to dance our asses off for almost an hour. As they like to say, you really "unleash your inner Bollywood star." At one point, the class breaks up into two groups for a performance session and each group performs some simple choreography for the other while the resting group acts as cheerleaders. It was something totally different that I felt really brought the class together and made it fun. 

I totally sweat my butt off and was a little sore the next day but it was absolutely worth it. Fen was a fantastic and enthusiastic instructor and she makes it easy to follow along with her. Since it was such a crowded class though, it was definitely helpful to have the other instructors in class to reference. Definitely try BollyX if you're looking to liven up your normal workout routine, it was a great time and a fun workout!

BollyX classes are taught in Cambridge, New York, and Chicago and is currently offered at the Dance Complex and VIM Fitness (both in Central Square in Cambridge). Classes are $12 and you can book ahead through their website.

I was provided complimentary admission to class for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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