What I Wore: "Chongo" Diaries

8:40 AM

Nowadays we call it a topknot, but when I was growing up in South Texas we called it a "chongo," and to this day, that's what my Latina mother continues to call it. And she hates it! As Urban Dictionary puts it "Chongo (14): a rolled up bun that ghetto girls put on their head when they have to go out in public and do not feel like styling their long hair. It resembles a horse shit on top of someones head." 

I remember girls in middle school using the term, and it totally makes me cringe, mostly cause those were the girls who made fun of me, but I digress. Who can resist the ease of throwing your hair on top of your head when it's a little messy and you're running late? Not me. So I will just continue to proudly wear my "chongo" while my mother disapprovingly shakes her head. 

Kling Dress (purchased in Europe, similar) // Talbots Sleeveless Poplin Blouse (similar) // Opaque Tights (similar) // Diane Von Furstenberg Booties (Scored these on clearance at Marshall's for $38!!!)  // Club Monaco Necklace // MAC Russian Red Lipstick

I totally repeated this outfit twice over the last couple of weeks. Do you prefer it with hair up and the collared blouse or more casual with no blouse and my hair down? I know which one Mom would like...

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