Adventures in Healthy Living: Pure Barre Brookline & Giveaway!

8:00 AM

In early February I won an unlimited 5 week membership to Pure Barre Brookline from Jess of Little Miss Runshine and I have never been so excited to get my butt in gear! 

If you've never been to Pure Barre you're in for a treat-- it's a ballet inspired class created to lift, tone, and burn with emphasis on the seat, thighs, and core. I have been to Pure Barre before and although I initially felt barre wasn't for me, I was ready to give it another shot. It was definitely easier going into class knowing what to expect; at times class can move pretty quickly and newcomers can easily feel confused. 

Each class starts with a quick standing warm-up and incorporates some arm work, plank, and push-ups before going over to the barre for seat and leg work. You'll finish with abs, upper and lower body curls, a modified bridge, and some light stretching. Pure Barre is designed to be done daily, and instructors recommend attending four times per week to see results. 

I attended 3-4 times per week and absolutely saw results. By the end of my 5 weeks my arms were much more toned and my legs showed improved shape and strength. During the first couple of weeks, I was very sore. Pure Barre is the only workout I've done that gets harder as you progress. Each class the instructors will push you to improve your form and go "a little straighter, a little higher." I was so sore I asked the instructors if I should take time off or modify my schedule but the response was the same from each-- just push through it. And I am so happy I did! I purchased a 5 class pack when my unlimited membership ended so I can still get my barre fix once a week.

I loved my experience so much that I wanted to share it with my readers beyond a review so Pure Barre Brookline is graciously offering a 5 class pack & a pair of sticky socks to one lucky winner! Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below. We will also be working to put together a special Pure Barre class for bloggers so stay tuned for details! (Keep in mind, this giveaway is ONLY valid at Pure Barre Brookline.)

Overall, this month was so-so; I'm not at the top of my eating game (I swear, there's been candy everywhere this month!) and for the last couple of weeks I haven't been nearly as dedicated to my workouts. Partly because my boyfriend is back in Boston (YAY!) and I want to hang out with him obviously, and partly because my unlimited membership at Pure Bare Brookline ended on the 12th. I have managed to get in a few great runs though! I'm excited to see how much progress I make with my running over the next few weeks.

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