#TBT with Invisalign

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#TBT from my days at Tom Browne Middle School

One thing was clear from an early age; I was going to need braces. My canines were insanely high and my bottom teeth were misaligned. I remember feeling a lot of anxiety during that initial orthodontic consultation. How bad was it going to hurt? Were people going to make fun of me? Would people notice anything but my mouthful of metal? 

Well, it definitely hurt. I can vividly recall the soreness after each orthodontist visit, and the painful feeling of rubber bands snapping inside my cheek and against my gums. Yes, people made fun of me. And eventually, after "OMG you got braces!" people noticed me for me again. 

It's not hard to imagine that with modern technology awkward metal braces are now essentially a thing of the past. Invisalign can straighten your teeth without traditional metal braces and without gluing brackets to your teeth. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen (specifically engineered for teens and pre-teens) use discreet, clear plastic aligners to effectively straighten teeth over time. Even better, Invisalign is often covered by insurance, and typically costs about as much as traditional braces. (Affordable payment plans are also available for those who qualify; Estimate your treatment costs here.)

How much more pleasant would that middle school picture above be if I wasn't missing a bracket? Or if I didn't have a mouth full of metal to begin with? I can't remember how that bracket came unglued, but I definitely recall pulling the colored band off with tweezers and opting to remove it all together rather than have it slipping around on picture day. With Invisalign, picture day is as easy as removing your aligners, saying cheese, and popping them right back into your mouth. 

Interested in Invisalign? Head to their website to find more information and locate an Orthodontist near you. You can also enter to win a full Invisalign treatment using the Rafflecopter form below!

Invisalign is safer, nearly invisible, and when worn as directed, is just as effective as traditional braces. If you had braces, do you wish you had Invisalign? If you're thinking about braces, would you try Invisalign

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