Shooting with LOFT!

1:53 PM

Friday morning was kind of like Christmas. I woke up early (too excited to sleep!) and ran a few miles on the treadmill before showering and checking out of the hotel. I stopped by Starbucks for a coffee and a juice before catching a cab to the Ann Taylor Studios in Lower Manhattan for an 8:30am call time.

After arriving at the studio I met the production and styling team we would be working with throughout the day including hair, makeup, styling, the photographer, and assistants. We all had breakfast together at the studio before getting started with the shoot. They had the test photos from last week's fitting laid out, as well as some of the outfits we would be wearing that day.

Kristin Hilton was in charge of makeup. She created a dewy, natural look that had my skin looking flawless. She used products from brands like Clarin's, Benefit, and NARS but also Revlon as well. I will definitely be stopping by CVS to pick up the mascara she used! After makeup, Song Hee styled and trimmed my hair. I loved the beachy look she gave me with very little styling and a simple salt spray and styling cream. The other girls, Kelsey & Alia, also sported similar looks for the shoot; very natural, fresh, and beachy. 

Once hair and makeup was done we shot a few test shots to get the lighting just right and I tried on my first look. It was my favorite look of the three consisting of a casual colorblock sweater, ponte knit skinnies, a statement scarf, and pointy toe pumps. After shooting the first look we went straight into shooting my second look; a leather moto jacket, fluted skirt, and floral pull over. 

Since we didn't have the right tights for the look, we continued with the other girls, and Alia shot next in a pair of green skinnies and casual button down. A stylist was on hand to adjust our looks and make sure every hemline and sleeve looked just right for the photos. 

Shortly after we took a break and had lunch in the studio. After lunch it was back to work! The stylists decided they didn't love the second look I wore and restyled it with skinnies, a collared blouse, and a casual topknot. I loved the re-styled second look! Definitely not something I would pick for myself, but the look was really cute and comfortable.

I was given a fourth look to shoot (a shirt-dress with a casual canvas moto jacket) and once that was complete I was done for the day! By that time it was already after 3 o'clock. You'd be surprised at how much time these things take! As expected, there was a lot of waiting around, and waiting for other looks to be delivered, but it was a ton of fun to be on set at a professional shoot. I can't wait to see the finished photos, as well as the printed associate book later this Fall.

Once the shoot was wrapped, I headed back towards Penn Station and grabbed a bite to eat before getting on the Acela back to Boston. It was a quick trip, but was a fantastic experience and I feel so lucky to have been selected to participate. Now that I got a taste, I'd love to work on more projects like this in the future! Then again, who wouldn't! 

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