Adventures in Healthy Living: Staying Motivated with FlyWheel

11:56 AM

I have to admit, it was pretty difficult to stay active in May and June. I went to a cycling class and did some yoga here and there, but overall, I was lazy. It's so easy to be distracted by beautiful weather and cold cocktails but after trying on the cutest knit dress from Kate Spade Saturday and not loving the fit, I  can assure you July is going to be different. 

From a healthy eating standpoint May and June went well with a few decadent indulgences; an amazing lunch at Del Frisco's, as well as a gigantic steak and several cocktails at Hard Rock Cafe. Summer is my favorite season because I absolutely love stone fruits (peaches, apricots, cherries, etc.) and they are ripe and in abundance right now. It makes snacking a deliciously, sweet no-brainer. Dinners have been a challenge though, I've been going the easiest route instead of the healthiest route as of late.

But there's always room for improvement right? And what better time than the first of the month, just after the start of a new season? Today I'm kicking off a 30 day ab challenge, booking a few classes for the week, and getting back on track. Lately I've been heading to FlyWheel for indoor cycling classes and I'm loving it! It's a high intensity, get you sweaty, make you WORK cycling class. I leave a sweaty, smelly, exhausted mess but feeling totally accomplished. 

While I've been to a couple of other boutique cycling studios in the area, FlyWheel is definitely the most high-tech. When you arrive you'll check in to your assigned bike on a Microsoft Surface tablet and grab your shoes from the numbered shoe cubbies below. They have an abundance of complimentary towels and seat cushions which definitely makes for a much smoother ride if you ask me! 

They have small monitors attached to the bikes which show you your RPM, "torq", and overall power throughout the workout. If you choose, you can have your power shown on the torq board and see where you rank among others in class. A great motivator if you're the competitive type, as well as a great way to gauge individual progress. They also have an online portal where you can book your classes as well as track your stats, see distance traveled, and an estimation of calories burned. I was pleasantly surprised to see I rode well over 20 miles during my first 45 minute ride! 

Flywheel's instructors are fantastic; highly motivating, knowledgable, and always armed with upbeat playlists and on-tempo choreography. They're also great about making themselves available before and after class if you have any questions, making FlyWheel perfect for those newer to cycling. 

While some find the Prudential Center location inconvenient, I work in the Prudential and am always in the area making it ultra-convenient for me to stop by for a ride before or after work. They have a restroom, a couple of showers (stocked with Bliss products!), and plenty of lockers for you to stash your stuff. 

Overall, FlyWheel is definitely my cycling studio of choice. It's one of the pricier studios in the city, but depending on the price of renting shoes and the availability of showers it can definitely be worth the few extra bucks. Regardless, your first class is free so you've got nothing to lose! 

Have you ever been to FlyWheel? What's your favorite indoor cycling studio?

I was provided a complimentary class pack for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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