PMS Bites!

12:47 PM

At my last Good Ones event I had the pleasure of meeting Tania Green, a budding Boston entrepreneur and the genius behind PMS Bites. A million times better than a Birchbox, PMS Bites delivers delicious chocolaty treats during the time of the month you need it most. They're vegan, gluten-free, and even though I'm not the biggest chocolate lover, I'm a huge fan of these delicious bites! 

PMS Bites are available in three flavors like All Kinds of Nuts, Plain Crazy, and Coco-Nutty. Each order contains a box of six bites and you can choose from a sampler pack or 6 pack of your favorite flavor (I'm an All Kinds of Nuts girl, myself!). You can place your order directly on the PMS Bites site and set your delivery preferences there as well. Tell me, what do you crave most when you have PMS?

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