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Fell off the wagon last week with the Weekend Wire, sorry guys! This week has been busier than usual with me pulling 12-14 hour days to get in everything I want to do. But hey, that's what your twenties are for right? I'll sleep when I'm dead. Or on Monday when I'm off...

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This week in Boston...
Night Shift Brewing Taproom  12pm-6pm April 11
Cider Tasting at Bantam Cider Company  1pm Saturday April 11
Olives & Grace and The Everyday Napkin Pop-Up Shop  11am-2pm Sunday April 12
Free Coffee & Pastries with Zappos.com  Monday April 13
Limited Beer Night with PJ Ryan's & Pintley  7pm-10pm Monday April 13
28th Annual Beyond Shelter Gala  7pm-10pm Thursday April 16

And that about does it for this week. Hope to see some of you at the Beyond Shelter Gala later this week! Have a lovely weekend my friends. And for scenes from my weekend follow along with me on TwitterInstagramPinterest, & Facebook!

 Have an event you'd like to share? Email me at egarza@style-wire.com.

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