Chill & Thrill Weekend in CT! Part II

3:00 PM

A flavorful dinner of salmon and steak Saturday night at the Inn at Woodstock Hill stretched into the early morning hours Sunday (read more about my CTVisit here). Who can resist a gorgeous patio on a summer night and great company? Our experience at the Inn was incredible; I can't even begin to thank the wonderful and accommodating staff on site. The grounds were beautiful complete with a barn, berry trees, dahlia garden, and gorgeous gazebo overlooking the facilities. We spent a few minutes exploring before heading to our next destination.

In Target Tee, Rag & Bone Jeans, Kate Spade Shoes

After checkout Sunday morning we ventured to Thompson Speedway Motorpark in Thompson, CT for a few laps around the track in three beautiful Lamborghinis. Can you say dream come true? Thompson Speedway hosts a variety of races as well as luxury car experiences similar to ours; check out their website for upcoming events!

We worked up an appetite at the Speeway and headed to 85 Main in Putnam, CT for lunch before the short ride back to Boston. They had an adorable table set up for us outside as we arrived but it was simply too hot to dine outdoors! The staff was very accommodating and quickly made space for us inside the main restaurant. We dined on a variety of shrimp, fresh oysters, sushi, and delicious burgers on homemade buns. My fried oyster Po'boy really hit the spot! There was truly something for everyone on the menu, even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied.

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After lunch it was back to Boston for us. The weekend flew by and I'm so grateful to the Connecticut Office of Tourism and our excellent tour guide, Al Strong, for showing us why Connecticut is still revolutionary! 

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