Chill & Thrill Weekend in CT!

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When traveling throughout New England, Connecticut is not always the first destination to come to mind for an adventurous weekend but I certainly had an exciting weekend thanks to the Connecticut Office of Tourism! My friend Taylor and I packed our bags for a chill and thrill weekend getaway throughout the state. Deeply rooted in American history, there's lots to learn in the great state of Connecticut as well as unique adventure options to keep everyone entertained.

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First stop on our trip Saturday morning was Brownstone Adventure Park where there are a variety of outdoor activities to choose from including a zip lines of different heights and speeds, swimming activities, rock wall climbing, kayaking, and more. 85% of the brownstone used in American construction was sourced from this historic quarry! 

Taylor and I chose to hit the zip lines first and swam our way through the quarry to reach them. I've zip lined before in Costa Rica in the rain forest, but I have to say it's a bit more intimidating with nothing under you but water! Regardless, we both let go of our fears and zipped 100 feet across the quarry. After exploring the park we grabbed lunch at the on site Food Shack and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in the sun and watching our friends zip and climb through the park.

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After Brownstone park we made our way to Taylor Brooke Winery where we toured the lush vineyard and learned about the wines they make firsthand from winery owners Dick & Linda Auger. The Auger's are passionate about the wine they make and the ingredients they use and it's certainly something that comes through in their wines.

After touring the vineyard and learning about the different types of grapes they grow we headed into their tasting room where we tried a variety of white and red wines as well as a few dessert wines. The hands down favorite was definitely Wine Dog Number 1! Taylor and I bought a couple of bottles of wine as well some crackers and cheese to enjoy in our hotel room later that evening. 

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Shortly before sunset we headed to the Inn at Woodstock Hill to settle into our rooms for the evening and enjoy dinner at the Inn. It's located in Woodstock, CT not far from one of America's first school houses and one of the United States most visited botanical gardens. Read more about the Inn at Woodstock Hill and our Sunday afternoon adventures here!

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