Mudderella with St. Ives!

11:05 AM

With my 26th birthday looming, I was looking for an alternative way to celebrate instead of the usual bar and brunch routine. What better way to celebrate than by owning my strong at Mudderella with St. Ives? I convinced my girl Desiree to join me and we each spent the weeks leading up to the 5-7 mile obstacle course and mud race training. 

All the training in the world couldn't have prepared us for the cold Saturday morning we awoke to on October 3rd, but we were determined to give it our best and challenge ourselves. We ended up completing the course in just about an hour and felt like total champs when we crossed the finish line! Talk about owning our strong! We got down and dirty on the course; we were on our hands and knees climbing through mud, hanging onto ropes for dear life as we climbed over various wooden obstacles, and we even found ourselves knee deep in water as we trudged through deep trenches. 

Needless to say we got a little messy. We made our way to the St. Ives Rinse & Revive station post-race to rinse the mud away with some of their products. I scrubbed up with their Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub ($3.99-$5.79) for a deep clean and Nourish & Soothe Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash ($2.99-$4.89) to soothe and hydrate my skin. To seal in all that moisture I sprayed on St. Ives Naturally Indulgent Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract Fresh Hydration Lotion ($5.99-$7.99), it's 360 degree spray function makes it easy to apply and it absorbs quickly, so it's not at all greasy. I liked it so much it's become a staple in my gym bag!

Special thanks to the team at St. Ives for sponsoring our bibs for the day and allowing us to Own Our Strong!

I was provided complimentary entry for myself and Desiree to Mudderella New England by St. Ives. All opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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