Currently Obsessed: FOREO LUNA + ISSA

2:34 PM

A few weeks ago I received a package from FOREO. In it was a soft pink LUNA sonic cleanser and mint green ISSA electronic toothbrush and neither of them have left my vanity since they arrived! 

The ISSA toothbrush is equally fun to use; mine arrived with a full silicone brush head, but both sillicone and traditional bristle and silicone hybrid brush heads are available as well depending on your preference. My teeth are pretty healthy but I am known for the occasional cavity and my gums often bleed with traditional bristle toothbrushes. The ISSA features the same soft silicone bristles as the LUNA and I've noticed significantly less bleeding I started using the ISSA, which has made brushing much more pleasant. 

I couldn't leave these at home; I made sure to pack both my LUNA and ISSA for my most recent staycation at the Nina Zero Hotel where we shot these photos (more on the Nine Zero Hotel here). These are certainly two products I won't be able to live without going forward, they've earned their keep in my bathroom.

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