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Wired Women profiles successful women with ties to Boston who are pursuing their passions. These women serve as an inspiration not only to myself, but to women and girls everywhere who are eager to make waves in their field. Meet Avra Myers, the designer behind A Ruby and AV-RA performance, which features a diverse collection of tees, leggings, accessories, and some high-style staples you didn't know you needed. Avra is one of my favorite local designers; If I could own her whole line, I would! Read more about Avra, A Ruby and AV-RA Performance below!

Style Wire: How did you identify the need for a brand like A Ruby? 
Ava Myers: It all started with an experience I had at the airport waiting in line for my luggage. There were 7 women in front of me all wearing black leggings.
They were ill-fitting, faded, and the jackets and tops didn't match or look very good. I thought I could do a better job. So, I started with the riding pant. I needed the perfect white shirt to wear with it; long enough to cover but with some definition, not a tunic. I looked in my boyfriend's closet for the perfect v neck boyfriend sweater and A Ruby grew from there. I spoke to a number of women who all struggled to get dressed in the morning [and] I wanted to make it easier for her with easy, chic, comfortable go-to items.

SW: Alongside your brand, you created your own unique sizing system with sizes 1-5; what prompted you to do that? 
AM: I did some research on my competition and most of their sizing didn't go above a size 12-14. I wanted A Ruby to be inclusive. The average woman in America is a size 14. I didn't want the stigma of extra-large, or size 18, so I came up with French sizing, which is 1-5.

SW: Your activewear line, AV-RA Performance just launched, what are you most proud of in this quickly expanding collection?
AM: The quality level of the fabric, the moto details, and the cleanliness of the color story. I’m quite proud that everybody that wears it raves about the way it feels and stretches with their body.

SW: What was the biggest challenge you faced growing your business?
AM: Online is a very crowded space, so us startups are easily lost in the shuffle. 
Getting the word out to women across America and beyond is our long term goal.

SW: What's your go-to ARuby outfit?
AM: I still love the riding pant with my perfect white shirt. From late September to Memorial Day, I wear my Polar Fleece Wrap Coat every day and night. Good thing A Ruby polar fleece now comes in so many styles and colors!

SW: What's a typical work day like for you?
AM: Ha ha! Every day is a work day, but it never feels like work. I am even enjoying answering these questions. I love helping women get dressed effortlessly, so every day is focused on that goal. I start my day early at home with my latte and some computer work. I love walking with my boyfriend and our poodle in the park, so I can clear my head and prioritize my day. I have been doing pop-up stores since spring, so I set up a studio in the store, so I am always close to my customer. I try to keep meetings to a minimum, so I can focus on building my business, designing new items and planing exciting collaborations and events in our stores and online.

SW: When you're not working, what are your favorite places in Boston to escape for a little rest and relaxation?
AM: Our condo in Marina Bay, where we cook most meals, hang out and spend as much time with our family and friends. We had a boat this summer, and we enjoyed a few day trips to Provincetown. Working out at Equinox in Boston (when I have time) or Yoga at the Healingtree Yoga in Quincy or Stil Studio in Dedham.

You can catch Avra at the Pop-Up shop at Copley Place (opening tomorrow, November 3rd!), the A Ruby Pop-Up at Legacy Place, or you can shop her collection online! I know you're going to love her collections as much as I do! 

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