What I Wore: #PerfectNever

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Wake up, get dressed, go to work, churn out a blog post, schedule social media, then off to blog events, dinner, and finally back home. When's a gal supposed to work out with a daily schedule like that? To be honest, it's whenever time allows. In the past, I've set unrealistic expectations for hitting the gym which almost always ends in disappointment and frustration. I've learned that perfect workouts, perfect days mean different things to different people.

In this digital era it's easy to get caught up in numbers and results- take 10,000 steps a day, burn 500 calories a day, stand for 12 hours a day, sleep for a solid 8 hours. Devices like FitBit and AppleWatch allow us to monitor and obsess over these numbers like never before. I know so many people who are after that "Perfect Week" goal determined by their watch but what's a perfect week anyway? 

Reebok Quik Vest  //  Reebok Dance Strappy Bra //  Reebook Cardio Tights  //  Reebok Hayasu Sneakers

Rebook recently launched their #PerfectNever campaign featuring boss babes like Gigi Hadid and Ronda Rousey and I'm excited to be partnering with them on this campaign. Rebook sent a selection of pieces from their current collection including a pair of kick ass shoes and a fun strappy sports bra. I couldn't wait to wear my new sneakers and vest (and seriously how cute is this sports bra) so I put Evie in her harness and we went for a walk up the street to Malone Park.

For me, a perfect week or a perfect workout isn't about leaving the gym exhausted, legs feeling like jello, or dripping in sweat. A perfect workout can be just spending time at the park with my dog, and that's totally okay. So whatever your idea of a perfect workout is, grab your gear and get to it cause #PerfectNever quits!

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