My #1 Holiday Must-Have: Kuvee

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The holidays can be so hectic; among decking the halls, shopping for gifts, entertaining family and guests, there's little time to breathe among the chaos that accompanies the month of December. One of my favorite ways to indulge during this season (okay, all year round, let's be honest) is with a glass of wine and since receiving my Kuvee, having a glass of my favorite wine has never been easier or more enjoyable. 

Kuvee is a smart bottle system that allows you to easily open multiple bottles of wine and serve one glass at a time without compromising the quality or flavor of the wine. A single bottle stays fresh for up to 30 days after opening; so feel free to enjoy just a taste, a full glass, or the whole bottle among friends. Perhaps you prefer red, and he prefers white; with Kuvee you can open both and not a single drop goes to waste.

In my household Kuvee has changed the way we drink wine; we pour what we want and no longer have to commit to an entire bottle or face the disappointment of revisiting a wine that's just past it's prime. Eager to share my high-tech find, I hosted a little holiday shindig with a handful of local bloggers and friends to introduce them to Kuvee and some of the impressive wines in their collection. We had a blast tasting different wines; we opened multiple bottles of red and white wine (a couple of which I'm still enjoying the last of at home!) alongside cheese and snacks. 

Everyone was blown away by the technology behind Kuvee-- just open a bottle, puncture the seal, and slide it into the Kuvee device. Once inserted, Kuvee will identify the wine and show you a digital label, the origins and details of each wine, as well as a short history of the winemaker or vineyard and tasting notes. Selected wines also feature suggested pairings making it a breeze to select a complementary wine for your next dinner party.  

Rate wines as you go and Kuvee will keep track of your ratings and suggest new wines you may like based on your feedback. Kuvee wines and refills cost about the same as your average bottle of wine, starting at about $14 and come with the peace of mind that you'll never let another open bottle go to waste. Kuvee is also wifi enabled so you can order more straight from the Kuvee device as you pour the last glass from your favorite bottle! It's like having a live-in sommelier tailored to your palate and preferences and has quickly become my #1 holiday must-have this season. Add it to you holiday wishlist, you won't regret it!

This post was sponsored by Kuvee. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting those who support!

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