What I Wore: #PerfectNever Pt. II

10:00 AM

We've all done it; hit snooze when it's time to wake up for that early morning run, bribed ourselves with new sneakers or gym clothes to motivate us to hit the gym, or maybe you skipped a meal to make up for the fact that you didn't make it to spin. Well, I'm over that! Since working with Reebok on their #PerfectNever campaign I've come to realize that there's one thing #PerfectNever does, and perfect never feels bad for skipping the gym! 

I can't tell you how many times I wake up and put on workout leggings and sports bra and... never left the couch. But I refuse to beat myself up for missing a workout. And truth be told, I've missed a lot lately. Winter is never my best season for staying motivated. Frigid temps, shorter days, and the warmth of my bed make it so hard to get to the gym. But I prefer to listen to my body, especially during this time of year. The holidays are so draining and sometimes you need to take a day off and just snuggle your pup on the couch.

So I did just that. You'd think I was headed to the gym in this Reebok's Elements Winter Pack Quilted Pullover and Mesh Moves Leggings but I really just parked my butt on the couch, made a nice cup of coffee, and watched Netflix with Evie. Who cares if your bestie or favorite fitness blogger is snapping selfies at the gym? I'm perfectly content napping on the couch, enjoying some downtime in comfy clothes.


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