Brunch at Loco!

1:45 PM

There's so much to love about Loco Taqueria and Oyster Bar starting with their renowned selection of margaritas (the coconut is a crowd favorite), a solid selection of tacos (try the fried pork), and a selection of fresh shucked local oysters. Anthony and I ventured to the well known Southie restaurant to sample a few dishes from their menu as well as some house favorites.

We ordered a cold brew and a mimosa dived right in, starting with a sampling of their guacamole and salsas. Traditional, bacon, and pineapple guac alongside a generous portion of chips and their salsa trio; fresh corn, zucchini and habanero, and pico de gallo. The Pineapple Guac was definitely my favorite! I loved the sweetness the pineapple brings to balance the heat. Out of the salsas I quite liked the Zucchini and Habanero; an unlikely but flavorful combination for sure!

At the recommendation of head chef Matt Drummond we tried the Oyster Ceviche. Bursting with flavor, this app featured passion fruit, mango, pineapple, pomegranate, habanero, and citrus fruit atop fresh shucked oysters. Unlike any other ceviche or oyster pairing I've ever tried but absolutely delicious! Next up, we tried the Shrimp and Chorizo Grits-- hands down the absolute favorite dish we tried. A little spice, a lot of flavor between the chorizo and the shrimp, and perfectly prepared cheesey grits. I'm seriously still dreaming of this dish (and am perhaps a little bitter that Anthony scarfed down three corn tortillas topped with it while I only had one).

After finishing my mimosa, and chatting with one of their managers about his homemade cold brew iced coffee I had to order a Brewed Awakening (not pictured). I must admit, I was skeptical since I'm not really a fan of coffee and alcohol but this was so yummy I ordered a second! Vanilla vodka, rum-chata, Baileys, and cinnamon nutmeg cold brew all mixed together beautifully for one delicious, but not overly sweet brunch cocktail.

To round out the meal, Anthony went for the Fried Pork Tacos while I opted for the Chicken and Waffles. Double breaded chicken over a corn and jalapeño waffle with spicy maple syrup, yes please! I can see why this place is a neighborhood favorite-- great food, excellent cocktails, in a casual, laid back setting. I'll be back, and definitely ordering those Shrimp and Chorizo Grits!

412 West Broadway
South Boston, 02127
(617) 917-LOCO

I was provided a complimentary meal in exchange for review purposes. All content and opinions expressed are my own. 

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