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I've been spinning for well over a year now; I participated in the #HBSummerShare last year, I'm currently an ambassador for Recycle Studios and I'm in the saddle almost every week. So it was about time I got a pair of cycling shoes of my own and stopped using the studio rentals. I shopped around for a bit, but when I saw my friend Josie splurged on a pair from TIEM I was intrigued. TIEM cycling shoes are designed to take you straight from the studio to the street with an elevated sole and chic design. Simply install standard SPD cleats to the soles and you're ready to ride. 

I chatted with a few other ladies at the studio who owned a pair and they all raved about them! When mine finally arrived (I picked Midnight Navy) I eagerly booked a bike and got ready to clip in for my first ride with my new kicks. Others have said that they came unclipped a few times the first time they wore them on the bike but I haven't experienced it for myself. What I have experienced, have been the smoothest rides to date!

I love that I'm finally wearing a shoe that can wear and mold to my own feet, allowing me to settle in comfortably for the duration of the ride and it's great that I don't have to bring an extra pair of shoes with me to the studio. I especially love that I can jump right off the bike and head outside without changing my shoes or having my cleats awkwardly hit the ground or damage the floors. It's been a game changer for my ride and I wish I had gotten my own pair of shoes sooner but I'm lucky I waited until I discovered TIEM. No other cycling shoe can boast the simple versatility that they've so stylishly executed.


I was provided a complimentary pair of Slipstreams for review and promotional purposes. All content and opinions expressed are my own, seriously, I would buy these again. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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