New & Bingeworthy: Big Little Lies

11:42 AM

I've been obsessed with Big Little Lies from the first episode; if you haven't watched this HBO drama you're missing out (I watched it OnDemand on Verizon FIOS). Not only is it a great show with an all star cast including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Zoe Sandala but it has impeccable wardrobe styling and a killer soundtrack.

The show begins with a murder, but you're in suspense about who's the victim is until the final episode. With only one season and seven episodes it's totally feasible to spend one of the last days of Summer binge watching this show with a bottle of wine.

I spent the afternoon streaming the official soundtrack while working from home yesterday and it was excellent. A perfect mix of smooth, moody melodies. I especially love the tracks from Leon Bridges and Alabama Shakes. I love that with Verizon I can pick more of the channels I want (HBO, HGTV, and Animal Planet, obvi) and less of the channels I don't (CSPAN, Fox News, CNN) so I can spend less time flipping through channels and more time discovering new obsessions like Big Little Lies.

Very rarely does a TV show have so many great elements and I'm so glad I discovered this gem while browsing through HBO On Demand on Verizon FIOS! Message me if you have suggestions for what I should binge watch next!

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