Conquering my Closet with SwapIt

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Since I started blogging, getting dressed in the morning has become a chore. And it's not because I want a cute new outfit every day, it's because my closet was overflowing with so many pieces! I have two closets with double doors that were filled to capacity, three under-the-bed storage bins, and a whole slew of hiding places for things like pajamas, hats, and accessories. Putting together a look was downright frustrating until the ladies from SwapIt came to assist me in conquering my closet.

I sat down with SwapIt (with a little bubbly of course) and discussed my goals and expectations for our session. I wanted to get rid of the stuff that I had accumulated over the years from various one-off collabs and things that didn't fit quite right to make way for new pieces that I truly love. After making that clear and setting some ground rules we got to work. My stylist held up each and every piece in my wardrobe and had me talk about them, I found myself saying "I got it on clearance," or "It was a from a blog collab three years ago..." We went through every drawer and each closet and repeated the process for every single garment. We placed them into three piles, "Keep," "Swap," and "Style." The items in the "style" pile were to be tried on and styled with other outfits at the end of the session to determine if it really warranted some of the valuable real estate in my small space.

Needless to say at the end of our four hour session there wasn't any bubbly left, there were dozens of empty hangers, and I was left feeling accomplished and with five bulging trash bags full of clothing eagerly awaiting a new home. Getting dressed in the morning is much simpler and much less frustrating; I'm not staring at a closet overflowing with clothing, wondering if an item still fits properly.

Before the ladies from SwapIt came to help me out, I desperately tried to conquer my closet myself. I ended up with a couple of trash bags of clothing after my first pass, but there's nothing like holding up each and every piece and trying to justify to a stranger why you want to keep that t-shirt with hole in the armpit and a mustard stain on the hemline. I couldn't believe we filled five more bags after my session. I sent SwapIt home with some of my old garments in hopes of finding them new homes and the rest will go to Buffalo Exchange and local charities.

With SwapIt you have the option of swapping your old garments for like-new garments from other clients who are determined to conquer their closet. In addition to helping you conquer your closet, SwapIt can also assist you in creating new outfits from your existing wardrobe depending which package option you choose. If you're feeling inspired SwapIt has a FREE download for Style Wire readers to help you start the process in your own closet.

I'm so grateful to the ladies at SwapIt for helping me create a more curated wardrobe filled with pieces I truly love. If you're feeling frustrated each and every morning as you get dressed, it may be time for you to consider conquering your closet with a little help from SwapIt. Who knows what pieces you'll rediscover in the back of your closet!

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