Why I #DriveMaven

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After 10 years of living in Boston, I still don't own a car. I've largely relied on the MBTA to get me where I need to go and as technology advanced, ride share apps filled the gaps that the T didn't service. As I find myself spending more time in the suburbs on weekends, holidays, and for work, I find myself wishing I had a car but not quite ready to commit to purchasing one. Enter Maven; the newest carshare service to hit the App Store, and one of the most technologically advanced apps I've used. Unlike other car share programs, you don't need to carry your key card to access your rental; your phone is all you need. 

Previously I'd be downtown and think "oh I'd love to grab a car and head to Target," only to realize I didn't have my key card on me and thus, no way to access my reservation. With Maven, your phone is your key and it's all you need to get in the car and go. Gas is included in your reservation as well as insurance and 4G LTE Wifi (a must have on road trips). With a variety of Chevy and GMC vehicles available you can grab whatever suits your needs; I've rented small hybrid cars like the Volt, and full size SUVs like the Yukon. So whether you're jetting around town or taking the whole crew out on the town there's a vehicle that will get you there. 

Maven rates are super competitive and for the same price as other car share programs you enjoy perks like 4G LTE wifi and keyless entry. Did I mention I have a Maven promo code for up to $15 off for you? Use code ELISSA0001 when you book to save. Maven has already gotten me to Six Flags and Foxwoods this summer so the question is, where to next?! 

I was provided a complimentary rental for review purposes. I have paid for multiple reservations since. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support Style-Wire.com. 

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