My Beauty Ritual in Boca Terry

11:02 AM

Who doesn't love getting all dolled up on a Friday for a night out with friends? In college, getting dressed was always a party with my gal pals and we would crowd into a small bathroom, putting on our makeup, chatting about guys, and enjoying a few glasses of wine before hitting the town. Nowadays, I prefer to take things a little slower and enjoy the ritual of getting dressed.

I've turned getting dressed and putting my makeup on into a self-care ritual. And not just on Friday nights, but everyday. I decided to elevate my experience with a new bath robe. I love to start by slipping into my Boca Terry bathrobe; made of a super soft jersey knit, it's incredibly soft and oh-so-comfy for lounging around and it really adds that air of luxury to my beauty rituals. Whether I'm wearing it over my PJs to fight the morning chill or I'm just hanging out in my robe picking my outfit, my kimono jersey robe is my go-to lounge piece.

After slipping into my robe, I start by washing my hands and face, brushing my teeth, applying my favorite serums and moisturizers, finally applying my makeup, and picking my outfit. Wearing my robe makes the whole ritual feel extra special and my Boca Terry jersey robe is definitely my favorite. Boca Terry has a variety of styles, at great prices, available ranging from classic shawl collar robes to hooded styles, and all made with durable, high-quality fabrics just like those you find in luxury hotels and spas. Self care and these little rituals like these are super important to me and my Boca Terry robe makes it that much more special!  

This post was sponsored by Boca Terry. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support! 

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