#BossBabe Status with Queen of the South

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It's back! Last year I introduced you to my newest TV obsession, Queen of the South, and it's back for a third season on USA Network. In this third season, Teresa Mendoza has seized the throne and is finally coming into her own as Queenpin. And she is totally killing the game. Uhm, have you seen that amazing white tailored suit she rocks?! A suit like that is total boss babe status! 

I'll admit, the one thing that makes me feel like a total boss babe like Teresa Mendoza is a great outfit and a great pair of shoes. Whether it's a tailored suit, fitted dress, or just a great pair of jeans, nothing makes me feel more confident than a great outfit and a sky high pair of heels. And being a boss babe and #MakingitReign is all about confidence, right!? These Marni heels are my absolute favorite. I put them on and I'm ready to rule just like the Queen of the South

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, not to worry! You have plenty of time to catch up on the previous seasons. Season three debuts on June 21st at 9/8c on USA but seasons one and two are both now available to stream on Netflix! I'm currently rewatching season 2 and it's a doozy. Sometimes I can't believe what Teresa gets herself into and the crazy, innovative ways she gets through it all. Literally every episode has me at the edge of my seat-- you won't be able to resist binging the entire series!

So mark your calendars for Thursday June 21st at 9/8c and get ready to watch Teresa Mendoza #MakeItReign in season three of Queen of the South on USA Network! 

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