Book Review: Bringing Home the Birkin

11:56 AM

 As I excitedly read through the pages of Bringing Home the Birkin, I couldn't help but laugh. This unique memoir tells the unlikely story of Michael Tonello, a man who has come to be known as the go-to guy for procuring the worlds most expensive and desired handbag- the Hermès Birkin bag.

If you love fashion you will love this glimpse into the elite world of coveted handbags, and even if you don't, it's
 truly an adventure kicking off from the easy-going ocean side town of Provincetown, MA, to the depths of Europe's most elite travel destinations.

With his twist of humor ("I was up a creek without a paleta,") and his impressive ability to read elite sales associates (he classifies them into groups; the grandmother, the nazi, the farmer, etc ....) he builds a clientele that is so rich (literally and figuratively) he continues to receive requests and emails in pursuit of Hermes' hottest items.

But despite spending the last several years in retirement, his penchant for luxury shopping has yet to die. If anything, I would regard Tonello as one of the leading voices in the luxury goods industry.

I was lucky enough to interview Mr. Tonello and his writing is a true reflection of himself. He is easy going and fun to talk to, with insight for miles. The same charm and wit that jumps from his pages is visible in conversation as well.

And like all great stories, he lives happily ever after, but if you want to know all the details and more about Mr. Tonello himself (and you know you do,) be sure to check out Tosser Magazine later this month where you can catch my exclusive interview with him! 

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