Pro-Tip Tuesday: Quit Ironing!

6:09 PM

If there's one thing I hate more than wrinkles it's ironing. My apartment is too small to store a full ironing board and iron so I usually end up ironing on the bed when I have to. At my retail job we use a steamer and it's the best revelation I've ever had.

Retail establishments tend to use top of the line Jiffy brand steamers ($120-$300) but there are a variety of brands and different sized steamers available at department stores like Macy's as well as home good stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

You can find small handheld ones or full standing models with a spot to hang your clothes like the one pictured. Steaming is easier and way quicker than ironing. It's also gentler on your clothes. 

Because it's using steam and not direct heat, you're less likely to scorch or burn your clothing or your hands. I have burned myself with a steamer before (don't put your hands underneath, ok?) but it didn't blister and wasn't nearly as painful as burning your self with the iron

From delicate silks to thick wool sweaters and slacks a steamer will tackle the wrinkles effectively. I've been searching for the perfect steamer for a while, so if you have any recommendations leave them in the comments! 

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